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The Trumpinator

Posted in Action / Politics / Propaganda on Mar 21, 2016

I'll just post this here for now. I've put way too much time on this video. It will be interesting to see if it gains any kind of traction.   Is it propaganda? Of course! Though it is mostly meant to be a morale booster for all the Trump …

Political propaganda

Posted in Action / Politics on Mar 21, 2016

The purpose of this section is not to reject propaganda as something bad, but to observe and learn from it. Many might laugh at old war propaganda while at the same time failing to recognize the heavily biased messages broadcast on their te…

Political advice

Posted in Action / Politics on Feb 18, 2016

We grow up thinking that most people are basically reasonable and nice. Sure, everyone has their own share of misconceptions, but through honest discussion and inquiries into the state of the world, one will be able to draw new and better c…

Kobo Glo HD (2015)

Posted in Action / Culture / Technology / Reviews on Feb 17, 2016

With the invention of electronic paper and E Ink, reading on a screen has become just as comfortable as reading on plain paper. Regardless of model and brand, I'd recommend anyone who enjoys reading to at least try out an eBook reader. Alth…


Posted in Action / Culture on Feb 15, 2016

The development of new and better technology has been a characteristic of our race for millennia. The last century however has seen revolution upon revolution. Although the technology itself might be considered neutral, there is now a growi…

The impact of Donald Trump's presidential campaign

Posted in Action / Politics / Current on Feb 14, 2016

As the world waits in awe for Trump to become the next president of the United States, we can't help but to reflect on the impact of his candidacy and overall presence in the media. Donald Trump made some waves when he first came out stron…

TV & Movies

Posted in Action / Culture on Feb 12, 2016

Television shows and movies plays a large role in contemporary culture. Here we will provide analysis and help you sort out the good from the bad. Click here to go to our TV and movie reviews.

Who were the Aryans?

Posted in Tradition / Race on Feb 12, 2016

With the sad state that our education system is in, the only agreed upon answer is that wherever they came from, they have no association to white Europeans. My own minimal education on the subject consisted essentially of the idea that the…

World population by ethnicity and race

Posted in Tradition / Race / Data on Jan 21, 2016

 Alright! This is a small project I've been working on this week. It is an interactive chart showing the global statistics on ethnicities of all countries.  While I'm still not completely satisfied with it, I decide to upload it now, mostly…

Data and statistics on race

Posted in Tradition / Race on Jan 21, 2016

As it is often difficult to find good statistics and data on the subject of race, we aim to gather some in this section. I have been working on an interactive chart on ethnicity data, but have been having some issues with Umbraco. It shoul…