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Current events

Posted in Action / Politics on Sep 08, 2015

Some thoughts and analysis on current events.


Posted in Tradition / Mythology / Germanic on Sep 07, 2015

The old alphabet in the germanic part of europe consisted of runes. The usage and style has varied over time and place, but they all seem to stem from the runerow commonly called The Elder Futhark. The image above depicts a bracteate found …


Posted in Vision on Sep 03, 2015

What kind of society do we want to live in? How can we arrange nations, communities and politics to help us reach new heights? What laws do we need, if any? As always, there are no absolute answers to these questions, but through honest di…

Man and Woman

Posted in Action on Sep 03, 2015

We live in strange times and the guidance we receive might be even stranger. How does a noble man or woman cope with the moral degeneracy that seems to run wild in society? How does one become noble at all? Although the path may be narrow,…


Posted in Tradition on Sep 03, 2015

The existence of human races has become an infected topic the last decades. To even talk about race as something other than a "social construct" might get you shunned from the public sphere. This has little to do with the reality of race ho…

Our cause

Posted in Vision on Sep 02, 2015

Is there a meaning to our lives? What are, or should be, our highest values? What do we strive for? As the photo might reveal, this section is to a large degree inspired by Dr. William Luther Pierce, founder of the National Alliance and th…

The Old Norse Calender

Posted in Tradition / Mythology / Germanic on Sep 01, 2015

According to Snorri, chapter 62 in his Skaldskaparmal: these are the names of the months: Old norse nameMeaningModern name þorri Dry January Gói Snow February Einmánuðr Juniper month March Gaukmánuðr ok sáðt…

The Germanic Faith

Posted in Tradition / Mythology on Sep 01, 2015

The germanic faith was fully alive in the northern Europe well, into the last millennia. Although eventually replaced by Christianity, still many myths of our ancestors have been passed down to us. Through these myths we can learn not only …


Posted in Vision on Aug 31, 2015

The white race has survived many crises throughout our history such as the Black Death, invasion of the Huns and the Muslim conquests of southern and eastern Europe. As horrible as they were, these events were all quite straightforward to u…


Posted in Action on Aug 27, 2015

Most of what is distributed on television and radio as modern culture is total shit. Although this could be regarded as only a sign of the times, there are reason to believe that much of it is actually planned and used to demoralize us and …