About this site

Aryan Wisdom opened up its gates in the fall of 2015. Our hope is that we will grow organically as more articles are added and more writers are engaged. The site is divided into three main sections: tradition, action and vision, and our aim is to categorize and organize all the material into this hierarchical order. I know of many splendid blogs where excellent articles becomes hidden and hard to find as new material is posted. Hopefully we can avoid that by having a relatively rigid structure from the beginning.

At the of writing, this is still a one-man-project. I will do my best to provide quality articles, but if they're not, well so be it. Perfection and excellence is always desirable, but you should never let the fear of failing hold you back from taking any action at all.

About the name

Although this site is primarily directed towards white people, we welcome men of all races to learn, discuss and hopefully take up the fight.

Is Aryan then a correct term to use? Weren't the Aryans historically found in Iran and India? Is it not just a linguistic term? Perhaps Indo-European would be more correct?

While, all these questions have some truth to them, let me give you my reasons:

  1. Correctly or incorrectly, Aryan has been used as a term to describe the white race in modern times.
  2. Although we do not primarily study the Indo-European languages and cultures there are certainly some interesting comparisons to be made. For example, the greater part of India might not be considered to be racially Aryan, but the culture and religion can give us many clues to what our ancestors believed.
  3. The word Aryan is often translated to mean noble, which also captures the goal of this web site. We aim to give you the inspiration, motivation and knowledge that you need to become a better man and deserve to be called Aryan.