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This section is all about the present, what's happening right now and what you can do to become a better man and create a better world.

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Masking in Blender compositor

Posted in Study / Video editing on Jan 04, 2017

As a followup to my previous Blender tutorial (found here), here is some additional information on how to combine two, or potentially more, masks into one. I'll go through how I added in Bernie's face onto the fallen gladiator, as seen in t…

Revolution begins from the inside

Posted in Man & Woman / Spirit on Dec 16, 2016

If you are like me you were first drawn into the nationalist movement for the prospects of a political revolution. We can all see the harmful errors of society and the natural reaction is to want to see them fixed, not only for ourselves bu…


Posted in Man & Woman on Dec 15, 2016

This fight that we find ourselves in, can sometimes feel hopeless. It is not enough that our enemy has resources that we couldn't even dream of, what's worse is to see our efforts met with hate and contempt, often from the very same people …

Staying sane in a world of lies

Posted in Man & Woman / Spirit on Nov 23, 2016

When we write the history books of the future, 2016 will be hailed as the year when things turned around. Brexit and Donald Trump are some incredible signs of what can be accomplished as long as there is just an inch of hope. Having said t…

Breaking: World War III cancelled, meme magic confirmed real

Posted in Politics / Current on Nov 10, 2016

This election has been an incredible journey for all of us. Let me start by congratulating the American people! Go ahead and bask in the glory. You deserve it! You made this happen! Bigly! Now, as the world slowly absorbs the fact that Do…

Imperium (2016)

Posted in Culture / TV & Movies / Reviews on Oct 12, 2016

Harry Potter has graduated from Hogwarts and must find a way to make ends meet in the muggle world. Working as a FBI agent he tries to infiltrate every pro-white movement of America at the same time, but his only weapon is a measly +1 Persu…

Which Way Western Man? (1978)

Posted in Culture / Literature / Reviews on Sep 13, 2016

Which Way Western Man? is a collection of essays written by William Gayley Simpson and revised over many decades, first published in 1978. The latest edition was published by National Vanguard in 2003, but it seems almost impossible to find…


Posted in Culture on Sep 08, 2016

I know that there are many people out there who never picked up reading. The only books they own are huddled together in a single shelf of the bookcase. I guess that in comparison to action packed movies and video games, a full page of text…

Blender Video Tutorial: How to overlay a head from one video onto a body from another video

Posted in Study / Video editing on Aug 18, 2016

A lot of people have asked me how I made the Trumpinator and 300 videos, and especially how to cut out for example a head from one video and overlay it on another video. I promised some months ago that I'd do a video tutorial on this, and n…

Video editing

Posted in Study on Aug 18, 2016

Video is a medium that has a great potential to communicate information, motivation and emotion. With the technological advances that have been made, it is now easier than ever to create moving images even on a very low budget. All the avai…