Posted in Action on Thursday, August 27, 2015 by Joel Höglund

Heimdall by Asplund

Most of what is distributed on television and radio as modern culture is total shit. Although this could be regarded as only a sign of the times, there are reason to believe that much of it is actually planned and used to demoralize us and perhaps more important our children.

Here we will gather some positive examples on music, literature, art, movies, games and other forms of culture, which can actually lift our spirits rather than the reverse.

We also aim to gather a list of recommended companies to support with your business and likewise companies that it is in our collective interest to boycott. Where you decide to spend your money is the only real democratic power you have. Use it well!

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Mud (2012)

Posted in TV & Movies / Reviews on Sep 25, 2015

Two teenage boys living on the banks of a river in Arkansas come to meet a strange man living in a boat on an uninhabited island. They learn that he is a fugitive, having killed a man that hurt the girl he has loved since a young age. Since…