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Posted in Action / Culture / TV & Movies on Monday, September 7, 2015 by Joel Höglund

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Imperium (2016)

Posted on Oct 12, 2016

Harry Potter has graduated from Hogwarts and must find a way to make ends meet in the muggle world. Working as a FBI agent he tries to infiltrate every pro-white movement of America at the same time, but his only weapon is a measly +1 Persu…

Labyrinth (1986)

Posted on Jun 29, 2016

Labyrinth is one of those movies that simply wants to tell a story, and not aims to subtly demoralize its viewers. That is in itself a breath of fresh air this day and age, but that is far from it's only appeal. The story is most reminiscen…

Spectre (2015)

Posted on Nov 08, 2015

James Bond returns in a new action-packed movie, and as one of our few heroes of modern times, he deserves some analysis. When GoldenEye was released I was eight years old and the perfect age to not be fed up with the clichés. All things we…

Mud (2012)

Posted on Sep 25, 2015

Two teenage boys living on the banks of a river in Arkansas come to meet a strange man living in a boat on an uninhabited island. They learn that he is a fugitive, having killed a man that hurt the girl he has loved since a young age. Since…