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Imperium poster

Harry Potter has graduated from Hogwarts and must find a way to make ends meet in the muggle world. Working as a FBI agent he tries to infiltrate every pro-white movement of America at the same time, but his only weapon is a measly +1 Persuasion spell.

The movie does some things well, such as showing the diversity of pro-white factions, but as it goes deeper it soon falls apart as the blatant propaganda that it is. American History X tried to do essentially the same thing, but at least sported some likeable protagonists.

Which Way European Man? - Garry John TripleThe fictive book "Which Way European Man?" by Garry John Triple is obviously a reference to "Which Way Western Man?" by William Gayley Simpson.

During his infiltration rounds Harry meets the nicest guy in the movie, Gerry, who makes a living arranging garden parties for all the deplorable basket people. In a best-buddy moment, bonding over Brahms, Harry asks him to tell his story, which he gladly does:

"My parents were practically liberals. Totally blinded by the ZOG. You know, I always knew something was wrong; and I had this anger, I couldn't put my finger on it, until... here. It all started with this. I was 13. Read it in four days. It explains race, culture, capitalism and how democracy destroyed western civilization."

He gives Harry a book called "Which Way European Man?" by Garry John Triple, which obviously is a reference to "Which Way Western Man?" by William Gayley Simpson.

Hmm, I wonder why they wouldn't use the real title instead? Maybe so that when people search for the title they only get nonsense results instead of the greatest non-fictional book known to man? Get it here instead!

He continues:

"I got no problem with them having their own country, everybody should. But if you go there, and you see, they weren't even living like animals. You know, animals don't live in their own feces, do they? So, if you ever have any doubt white men created civilization, just go have a look."

The viewer is of course meant to be appalled by the hateful words of this beautiful, thoughtful man. And just like Harry does, he must ask himself:

"How do you reason with someone like that? How can you ever hope to change their mind?"

Well, the obvious answer would be: try using reason! But of course that wouldn't do it, since, you know, using reason is the first step on the path to Nazism.

What they really mean is: How can you coax someone who is not persuaded by the usual social pressure, white guilt or fear of legal repercussions, to become a regular leftist SJW?

The movie never gives us an answer, because there is none. And it is because of this that we're irredeemable, to quote Hillary Clinton.

Imperium - It's a nice day for a white weddingA regular white wedding.

Towards the end of the movie the "bad guys" have won most of us over with their good looks, honesty and idealism. And so the director bravely throws any attempt of subtlety out the window. Forget every lesson on story telling you've ever heard. "Show - don't tell" is for losers!

Since the plot of movie never really supported this conclusion at all, the director finds no other choice but to have the actors spell out the intended moral of the story:

"when it comes down to it, there really is only one essential ingredient to fascism.
It's victimhood."


Because no Black or Jewish organization has ever depicted themselves as victims?

In conclusion, I give this movie one and a half Nazi wizards out of five possible.