Revolution begins from the inside

Posted in Action / Man & Woman / Spirit on Friday, December 16, 2016 by Joel Höglund

If you are like me you were first drawn into the nationalist movement for the prospects of a political revolution. We can all see the harmful errors of society and the natural reaction is to want to see them fixed, not only for ourselves but for the good of all our people.

As time passed and the revolution seemed all too far away - at least up until 2016 (best Current Year ever) - it's understandable to grow disillusioned. A reasonable person might ask himself, why invest so much effort into this when I might never see its fruits in my own lifetime?

Well, I'll tell you why!

A society is not only a state governed by some politicians, but the sum of a thousand little towns and millions of families. What our lessons teach for the good of society is probably tenfold as important for anyone trying to survive in the detrimental state our nations find themselves in.

I would guess there are two major ways to handle this, to either go along with the system, if only superficially, or revolt against it. Most of you have probably come into contact with Julius Evola's Ride the Tiger, arguing for the former. That may have been a sound advice when it was written, but I say that now is the time to get off the Tiger, wrestle it to the ground and treat it as the overgrown pussycat it is.

I won't go into the arguments for it, because the best argument will be your own experience. Accepting responsibility not only for yourself, but for your whole race, gives you some heavy ideals to live up to. But the thing is that everything that you do for the benefit of this cause, also works for the betterment of yourself. Not necessarily materially, mind you, but probably in every other aspect.

So the next time you get in an argument with a leftist SJW liberal type, instead of trying to make sense of his strange logic and self-hating attitude, just take a good look at him.  Look at his posture, his weak physique and/or bulging stomach. See the impotent anger bubbling up inside him that he has no clue what to do with it. See how he aims to please everyone, only to find a lack of respect, even from himself.

Now ask yourself: What on earth does his worldview have to offer you?