Spiritual crisis

Posted in Action / Man & Woman / Spirit on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 by Joel Höglund

Have you ever woken up a morning, wondering not when to rise, but why? Have you stopped to wonder if life really is worth living just for its own sake? Have you felt an emptiness somewhere deep inside you, which although usually under check, sometimes when all is quite around you it seems to grow to an enormous size?

In that case, trust me that you are not alone.

It can hit you at any time in your life, depending on character and circumstances, but usually this feeling doesn't emerge until at least the late teens. Up till that point a child has most often had a quite clear and simple purpose, to learn and understand the world he's living in. However, when the natural curiosity begins to be satisfied, many a child may start to experience some first doubts to the road that he's on. Some may express this by questioning the homework or the point of going to school what so ever. Other children, myself included, won’t experience this feeling until later. It might be that they still find some interest in the education or that they still feel a natural respect for the authority of the adult world and takes their demands and wants to heart. Some may not experience it until they themselves have become adults, perhaps having graduated and worked a couple of years in employment. Some may be married with loving children. Objectively they may have everything that a man could want, but still they can’t escape the feeling that there is still something missing.

Take heed that it has a name; you’ve just experienced the Faustian Spirit. Dr. William Pierce described it as the urge in our race-soul that says to us:

“Thou shalt not rest or be content, no matter what thy accomplishments. Thou must strive all the days of thy life. Thou must discover all things, know all things, master all things.”

 Well, that´s all good and well, but what can you do about it? Actually not that much. You can try to dampen it with alcohol or preoccupy yourself with simple entertainment, but it will always be there in the back of your mind, gnawing, judging. The only satisfactory way to live with it, is to embrace it.


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