The impact of Donald Trump's presidential campaign

Posted in Action / Politics / Current on Sunday, February 14, 2016 by Joel Höglund

As the world waits in awe for Trump to become the next president of the United States, we can't help but to reflect on the impact of his candidacy and overall presence in the media.

Donald Trump made some waves when he first came out strong on illegal immigration. At first one might have brushed this off as simple political tactics and headline-bait, but as his campaign continued, we found our hearts filled with a feeling we had all but forgotten: Hope!

Sure, you might say, he's good, but he's only playing the game. Look at all the Hope™ and Change™ that Obama's presidency brought with it, even for the wretched masses who actually wanted it. What says that Trump won't turn out to be just as much a puppet as his predecessors?

Well, if it that is all it is, why go through all the trouble? The establishment already has enough players in the game and without our beloved wild card everything would have played out as usual: The thrilling choice between an Israeli-controlled candidate on the republic side (Bush, Rubio, etc.) and an Israeli-controlled candidate on the democratic side (Hillary). Even the so called anti-establishment democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, has likely enjoyed a huge boost largely due to the incredible momentum of Trumps campaign.

Sure, many of Trumps more controversial statements are likely of a tactical nature, but I see no reason to doubt that he is also honest in his will to act on them. Lets just look at some of the things Trump has said that virtually no other political candidate in the US, or in Europe for that matter, would ever dare to mention:

I leave it to the reader to find the common thread in the above points.

Even if he somehow failed to become president or it all turned out to be some elaborate hoax, the good that his campaign and persona already have done for our cause is astounding. He has single-handedly pushed the boundaries of discussion so far that no one is sure if they actually exist anymore. Topics that were once discussed only by fringe element dissidents are suddenly heading straight for the White House.

Forget all you knew about guilt by association and start living in the new reality of authority and fame by association.

Next time you find yourself in a pressured situation, politically or otherwise, just ask yourself:

What would Trump do?