Understanding liberals

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If you've tried to discuss politics with your friends, classmates or co-workers, you've most likely met the liberal. Although they mostly sport the same ideas and methods of debating, their motivations can be more diverse.

The oblivious

A majority of liberals are not concious of their choice, because they haven't actually made one. As the zeitgeist of our public sphere, education, media and government is heavily skewed to the west, these people have just followed the path of least resistance. They are liberals simply because they believe everyone else is. To identify them, start by asking simple questions of what policies they actually want if given the chance or of the possible consequences. As they have simply adopted their ideas and never reflected on them, you will soon find them short of words. Don't waste your time discussing with these people. They may be nice people and apparently their votes count just as much as yours, but they simply don't care about these things. They will change their opinion when the media tells them to and not before.

The poor

The next category are the ones who actually benefit from a liberal/socialistic policy. They may be poor and have benefits for example. To be motivated by self-beneficiary reasons is nothing strange. Luckily, these people are easy to reach. Convince them that they will lose more from immigration than they can possibly gain from welfare policies and they will soon change their footing.

The immigrant

Immigrants are also frequently found among the supporters of leftist parties. As they often are part of the lower classes and draw benefit from welfare policies, this isn't that surprising. But first and foremost they are in it to keep the immigration laws loose and permissive. Even though they themselves may have acquired citizenship, they are aware, sometimes only subconsciously, that they don't really have any moral right to be here. Citizenships and residence permits can become retracted following a political shift, and thus it is in their interest to push the narrative of the left. 

Therefore, do not argue with the leftist immigrant in hope of convincing him of his folly. As we have shown, he is actually the only one that has rational reason to support the leftist agenda. Their residence here is conditioned on the continued political power of the left and their liberal immigration laws. Your main goal is instead to show other whites that their motivation has little to do with solidarity and brotherhood, but are truly only selfish reasons. The solidarity that they demand for themselves is thus unlikely be repaid to others.

The convinced liberal

So far, so good. These three categories are easy enough to understand, and once you identify which is which, you will know what to do. But there is one more category, much louder and difficult to deal with. Yes, I am talking about the actual liberals, the convinced leftist. He is convinced of his world-view, and more often than not, that it is the only view that should be tolerated. He is either immediately offended by all other opinions or is in disbelief that anyone could actually have opposing views. Actually the main resistance posed from these liberals is usually not in the form of debate, but their total rejection to the fact that the topic in question is even up for discussion. Keep talking though, and his disbelief will usually transform into a kind of hysteria.

A normal persons preferable reaction to hysterical people is to walk away. There is no curing insanity, and in any case it is not your problem. Although this attitude is preferable on a personal level, it has sadly resulted in us surrendering the political power to the ones that scream the loudest. And it seems that they will always be found on the left.

Now, it would be easy enough to stop our analysis here and dismiss the leftists as fools. But even a fool has his motivation. I'm not sure if understanding them will help us convince them. I'm actually fairly certain that they are a lost cause. But, in understanding them we might at least gain the knowledge of which battles are worth fighting and which are pointless. We might hopefully understand why reason and logics doesn't work on them, and instead switch to more effective methods.

We don't say
Translation: We don't want to be called these things, because the truth hurts.

The convinced liberals are not evil, even though the results of their ideas obviously are. They, as everyone else, believe themselves to be good, upstanding members of society. In fact, liberals are obsessed with the idea that they are the good guys, and by this logic anyone who oppose them are consequently evil. Even though liberals are unable to understand our point of view, or in fact any other than their own, we will here try to do better.

In the episode "How Liberals Think" of his American Dissident Voices, Dr. William Pierce lists two of their common personality traits: Egoism and Envy. Simply put they don't want to see anyone to have more than themselves, nor anyone that are better, smarter or stronger. As raising yourself to higher levels takes effort, they instead choose to drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

While this certainly explains a large part of liberals, I don't think it catches all of them, at least not completely. I believe we will benefit if we can find some common ground, some way that we actually can understand them.

The convinced liberal woman

In another broadcast from American Dissident Voices on The Feminization of America, Dr. Pierce makes another interesting observation:

The role of the government shifts from that of a father, who maintains an orderly and lawful environment in which men are free to strive for success as little or as much as suits them, to that of a mother, who wants to insure that all of her children will be supplied with whatever they need.

Although the above quote is not made specifically about the left, I think it's safe to say that this male-female spectrum correlates quite well with the right-left scale. This feminine spirit, these maternal feelings are not evil right? Far from it, we praise it when found in our women. In the case of female liberals however, this tendency is obviously misdirected. The love and care that is supposed to be given to their own children and family is instead directed to all the weak and wretched of the world. Even though it might be obvious to us that this is not something to build national policies on, we must also realize that for them it is not a rational choice, but rather an emotionally driven instinct. Reason need not apply.

So, given this, what can we do to change them? Well, it's simply the nature of women. Why don't you begin with something easier like, moving the mountains or asking the sun to leave the sky? No seriously, although female nature will not be changed, the obvious answer is to simply direct their care to where it belongs. If the woman in question is too bitchy or too ugly to ever bare her own children, there is at least some comfort that her bitter choices will die with her.

The convinced liberal man?

So finally, what about the convinced male liberals? They are quite a few too, you know!

Sadly, that is something which, to the best of my ability, I cannot understand. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below!

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