Political propaganda

Posted in Action / Politics on Monday, March 21, 2016 by Joel Höglund


The purpose of this section is not to reject propaganda as something bad, but to observe and learn from it. Many might laugh at old war propaganda while at the same time failing to recognize the heavily biased messages broadcast on their television screens for what it is. We are living in a constant stream of propaganda, and most of it is sadly aimed to weaken and destroy us as a people.

Still, propaganda is not intrinsically bad, neither is it good. It is a tool, that can be used to persuade and influence people, apparently often quite effectively.

Here we will study some examples of propaganda, both old and modern. We will discuss techniques to help you identify and defend yourself from detrimental propaganda. Lastly, the best part, we will look at creating our own positive propaganda, and try to find the best ways to reveal and spread the truth further. In this day of internet memes we actually have an incredible advantage, and we'd better make good use of it!


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