300: Making America Great Again

Posted in Action / Politics / Propaganda on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 by Joel Höglund

Donald Trump in 300

When I did the Trumpinator video I thought it would be a one-time thing. I had never done any real video work before, but had played around in Blender a little. The result was not the most aesthetically pleasing work, but I assume people don't really watch it for that reason either. It is acceptable, and actually it would be close to impossible to fit all these different source materials into something that looked really good, I guess.

The Trumpinator video now has about 300 000 views on Youtube, exceeding my expectations many times over! I don't know if it has had any political effect whatsoever, but I wouldn't dismiss it either. It was funny and cool, at least somewhat, and deep down we all want to identify with the cool and funny people. It's high time that the alt-right proves itself in this regard. It should really be no problem considering how how shallow the left's ideas usually are and how easily they are triggered.

Anyway, following the success of the Trumpinator, I knew I had to do at least something more in the same style. I think it's a better video overall, but it's a bit less comical, perhaps more of an educational video? A kind of "World politics for dummies" if you will.

To clarify some things, the three members of the establishment coming to meet Trump are, from the left:

  • Sumner Redstone, owner of MTV, Viacom, Paramount pictures and other media channel
  • Ben Shapiro, conservative columnist whom I'll admit has written and produced some good material, but I believe he's shown his true colors as controlled opposition in regards to Trump
  • Last but not least is Michael Eisner CEO of the Walt Disney company, which also is one of the major owners of the US mass media

There are many others that could have taken the place of these men, but they may at least be symbols of the establishment in all of it's ugliness. Ben Shapiro is of course not nearly in the same division as the others, and perhaps he didn't really deserve the cruel fate seen in the video. As an outspoken Trump-hater there was a lot of video material of him to use though, and therefore he got the honor of showing the establishment's hate towards all things they don't control.