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About a month ago I was contacted by (((Nicky Woolf))) at The Guardian for an interview request, mostly about the videos I did. I assumed from the start that he wouldn't really be interested in what I had to say, but I figured what's there to lose? So I answered his questions through email back and forth, until he suddenly just stopped replying. I guess my answers didn't fit into his planned narrative. Or maybe it wasn't that much of a story anyway, who knows?

Anyhow, I did spend some precious time answering these questions so I might as well get some value from it. Below is the full interview with me:

What is your background? Where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself, your life, your politics.

Most who've watched the videos assume that I'm an American, but actually I was born and raised in Sweden, and have lived here all my life. My father was a carpenter and my mother a housewife, something which was all too rare even then.

After high school I moved to Gothenburg to study and got myself an engineering degree in biotechnology. I guess it was around this time that I slowly started to realize that something was wrong, how so many people were unable to speak clearly and even to think clearly, even in a University of Technology. Political correctness is obviously one part of it, but I wonder if it doesn’t go even deeper that.

The most obvious societal lie to me at the time was the benefits of a third world immigration and multiculturalism, and of course the failure to discuss the future consequences of this. Thus I joined the Sweden Democrats in the hope that they actually held some value to truth, seeing as they were bravely speaking out against the immigration lie. However, when they started to expel people for having read the wrong books, I realized that they were as rotten as the other parties, and quickly left them.

I’ve worked as a carpenter and as a high school teacher in physics and chemistry. Now I’m testing out some different projects on my own, making videos being one of them.

How did you get into making viral videos?

Well, to be honest I never planned to make "viral videos", but when I realized that Donald Trump was the real deal and actually had the courage to question a lot of these big lies, I knew I had to do something, however small, to show my support. As I'm Swedish I obviously can't vote for him, so I did the next best thing: a propaganda video!

The Trumpinator was really the first video I ever did. I had no previous experience and didn't expect to do any more either. It should come as no surprise that the main inspiration was the excellent Game of Thrones parody, Winter is Trumping, by huw parkinson. I saw it, laughed, and thought to myself, how hard can it be?

How do you have the idea for each video? Where did you have the idea for this one?

My first video of Trump as the Terminator was most for laughs and of course a little bashing of the Republican Party. For the next video I wanted to do something with a little more meaning. I wanted to take some of the major political issues and boil them down into something that was visually interesting.

The biggest question today as I see it is the struggle between free, self-governing nation states and the imperial ambitions that today are striving towards a one world government. The US gets a lot of slack for its foreign policies, but I think it’s obvious that their military and economic powers have been used as a tool of these very same forces and not in the interest of the American people.

As Donald Trump takes on these forces in his own way, he is really playing out the part of a multitude of historical and mythical heroes. King Leonidas against the Persian Empire was really only one possible mirror of reality. In that regard it’s not intended as only a funny video, but a confirmation of Donald Trump as the chosen one, the hero that will lead us into the Golden Age.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that George Soros is the leader of these globalist forces, if indeed there is one, but as a symbol for it, he was a fine choice.

What about them do you think has made them go so viral? What about the 300 video in particular?

Egalitarian and leftist values have been shoved down our throats for a long time, both through the media and the educational systems. Some people are so used to it that they wouldn't have it any other way. Others are starving for something else, something which reflects the virtues that they somewhere deep inside hold to be good, such as truth, honor and courage.

The political right, or more precisely the alt-right, has for a long time held these virtues high, but has perhaps to some degree been more occupied in discussing the negative consequences of their decline, rather than celebrating them. I guess it is only human psychology that people are much more attracted to a positive message than a negative one.

Do you have a favorite video or scene?

There are a lot of good video creators on the alt-right today. One of my favorite videos is a Lion King parody by the channel Walt Bismarck, called We are White. It is another example of a strictly positive message.

The first scene I did myself was actually when Trump enters the kitchen after having thrown Romney in there. When he looks at the gun and cocks it, I remember I thought that scene itself was good enough to make the video worth it. I hadn't planned it, but those two video sources just happened to match up great at the first try.

What is your intent when making these videos?

My intent is political or rather meta-political, and I hope that people understand that. I want to present my view of things, which probably is best described as alt-right, in a fun and digestible way.

Can we get a sneak peak of upcoming works?

The Trump videos have been fun to do, but one is really limited in finding good video material of politicians that can be pieced together into an interesting narrative. Donald Trump is a good choice as protagonist in that regard, seeing how he usually talks freely and in a more visual language. The other characters are usually much more difficult to find usable quotes.

When the conventions are over, I guess I will have to do one video of Trump vs Hillary, but other than that I think I’m moving away from those kind of videos.

I’m right now in the process of teaching myself 3D animation in Blender, which I’ve also used to make the previous videos. I have a new sort of series in mind, which I hope will present the issues discussed above in a wider historical perspective.

What does the name Aryan Wisdom mean?

When I named my Youtube channel I really thought nothing of it. It was simply the name of my website that I started late last year.
At the time I was reading Viktor Rydberg’s “Investigations into Germanic Mythology” where he frequently used the word Aryan, which makes full sense as it was a well-established synonym to Indo-European. I did actually have some minor gut reaction to that word at the beginning, but as I read on, I soon felt a previously unknown weight lifting from my shoulders. I realized that somewhere inside me there had been a mental constraint that now slowly dissolved. This proved to me that there was nothing inherently evil in that word. It was just a word. And in fact a quite beautiful word. It is also often translated to mean noble, which is something that I personally want to strive for, and hopefully inspire others.

Another one of my aims is simply to introduce, discuss and analyze the old Indo-European traditions, and see what we can learn from them. Though as I’m most familiar with Norse mythology, that has gotten the most attention so far. This is also where the wisdom part comes in.

There is of course also a racial aspect to the word. Aryan is as we know often used to signify the white race and I actually aim to embrace that too. In a sense I want my work to be an anti-thesis to the whole concept of white guilt.

Who are your videos aimed at? Who's your target audience?

I seldom give it much thought, but when I write I believe my real target audience is actually myself, in an earlier age. I try to present the things I wish I had known as a teenager, the things that I believe our society has consciously or unconsciously forgotten to teach its children. I have to assume that there are other out there like me.

I guess the Trump videos may be a bit more aimed at the American public, but actually I believe that Donald Trump in himself provides a valuable lesson for the rest of the world too, especially in Europe.

Who have you seen sharing your videos? Have you been surprised by the response?

I haven’t really bothered with the analytics tool on Youtube, so the only shares that I’ve seen personally were from Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer and David Duke. Both were awesome. I felt like a celebrity!

But seriously, I’m amazed at the response. I know there are many out there, many that I follow myself, who do much better videos and would deserve this kind of view count much more than my own rather stupid videos.

Of course it has helped that Trump is really hot right now. Even here in Sweden he is one of the main topics of conversation. But I guess something in the videos did strike a chord with many people. Or perhaps they were just the right amount blend of silly entertainment and serious politics to scratch some unknown itch.

Personally I do believe that it may be proof of something else, something bigger. I’d suggest that it is not only some ironic teenage statements, but actually comes from an underlying need for authority and order, which is larger now than in many centuries. The 300 video especially uses the more authoritarian quotes of Donald Trump and amplifies them even further using the imagery of a Spartan warrior state. If I were to make a prophecy, it would be that the popularity of my videos is only reflecting an unconscious wish that it will one day become reality.

When you say you have an alt-right view, what do you mean? Could you go into a bit more detail about that?

There is always the unavoidable risk that when one tries to describe something, one also defines it. If I say that my view aligns mostly with the alt-right, does that mean that I’ve joined the alt-right club?

Actually to a large degree, that is probably how it is. Perhaps not in any strictly rational sense, but from a human perspective that is how we usually understand it.

The alt-right can mean many things. To some it is merely seen as a euphemism for Nazi, to others it is the real political right, distinct from the conservative or even liberal right. (In Sweden socialists occupy our left-wing, pushing the liberals to the right-wing)

To me it is a view of man as something very distant from Homo economicus. It is a man that is still only a small step from the Stone Age hunters and gatherers. There are no blank sheets [slates] here, rather every man and woman is born to a mother and a father, into a sex, a nation and a race. Those things are pillars of identity that can’t simply be washed away or forgotten. It is who we are and we have to adjust accordingly.
Women, for example, will always be more caring, loving and emotional, while men are daring, proving and rational. It is not only a folly to try to change this, but in fact a crime against nature.

The same goes for racial differences. The continued clashes of multicultural societies are not primarily signs of racist institutions but proof of the everlasting truth that blood is thicker than water.

How do you feel about David Duke sharing your video? Are his ideas ones that you share? Would you call yourself a white supremacist?

From that which I know of David Duke, I must say that he is an incredibly courageous and honest man. I haven't followed him enough to say with confidence if I share all of his ideas, but of course there are some overlaps.

I think the term white supremacy is somewhat analogous to the previous discussion of the word Aryan. It is an idea that has been loaded with a lot of negative connotations but no real substance. David Duke doesn't call himself a white supremacist as far as I know and I wouldn't either. He loves his race, as do I, but that obviously doesn't imply that we hate other races. I love my own mother the most, simply because she is mine. That doesn't mean I hate every other mother, does it?


(Following this response I never heard from him again.)


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Following the success of the both Trump videos, I've actually received some inquires on how to send donations. Now that is the kind of problem I like! I've now added a Paypal donate button in the top bar, if anyone else wants to support our work.

We're not doing this for the money, but in the long run for the survival of our race. If you feel that is a worthy cause and enjoy the content we produce, we would certainly be very grateful!

I do this only in spare time, and while I'm happy to do it for free, if this project also could help pay some of the bills, that would effectively equal more free time to spend making new videos and articles.

To those who already have donated, we extend our greatest thanks! You know who you are!

Disqus comments

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I've just now added a comments section powered by Disqus. As of now you can comment on blog posts and articles, but nothing else. It's quite easy to change this, but I'll keep it as such for now. Also I'm allowing anonymous comments, meaning that you don't have to sign up for a Disqus account, but we'll see how well this works. Taking a lesson from other web sites on similar topics, there is likely a risk that the comment section might be misused. I hope that I can keep it open and anonymous for those who want it, but if that's not possible we'll adjust accordingly.

First post!

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Hello World and all that! After some trouble migrating my local database to my hosting provider, I think I finally got it working. Aryan Wisdom is now online!

There are still quite a few little things I need to change, but all in due time. I know for example that the sidebar isn't really useful as of now, except for in a few pages. Some of the content is still mostly place-holder, but over-all I think it's passable as a first version. I'm going to try to flesh out this website with some more content, but as of now I'm happy that it's all working.

The aim of this website is to present an inspiring and informative image of our European heritage, analyze the challenges that we're facing and through this, hopefully provide sound guidelines of how to act.