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This section is the hub for all things related to our heritage. You will be able to read articles on our history, culture and religions. We believe it is of great importance to honour our ancestors and to learn from them.

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DNA research confirms significant Aryan ancestry of Europeans

Posted in Race / Aryan on Jan 11, 2017

I thought it could be interesting to look at some recent DNA research on the ancestry of Europe. Although the story doesn't begin here, around the end of the last Ice age, we find dispersed populations of hunter-gatherers all over Europe (…


Posted on Aug 18, 2016

History is not merely a collection of past events, but also a key to understanding ourselves. Knowing what has led us here to this point in time, the mistakes that were made and the victories that were won, we may begin to understand how cu…

Rune Poems

Posted in Sources on Jul 21, 2016

The following rune poems are our main sources for the names and meanings of the Germanic runes. Both the Norwegian and Icelandic rune poems are based on the younger futhark, while the Anglo-Saxon poems are based on the Anglo-Saxon rune row.…

Who were the Aryans?

Posted in Race on Feb 12, 2016

With the sad state that our education system is in, the only agreed upon answer is that wherever they came from, they have no association to white Europeans. My own minimal education on the subject consisted essentially of the idea that the…

World population by ethnicity and race

Posted in Race / Data on Jan 21, 2016

 Alright! This is a small project I've been working on this week. It is an interactive chart showing the global statistics on ethnicities of all countries.  While I'm still not completely satisfied with it, I decide to upload it now, mostly…

Data and statistics on race

Posted in Race on Jan 21, 2016

As it is often difficult to find good statistics and data on the subject of race, we aim to gather some in this section. I have been working on an interactive chart on ethnicity data, but have been having some issues with Umbraco. It shoul…

Which eye did Odin sacrifice?

Posted in Mythology / Germanic on Nov 01, 2015

From Gylfagynning and other sources we know that Odin scarified an eye into the well of Mímir in order to take part of its knowledge. But under that root which turns toward the Rime-Giants is Mímir's Well, wherein wisdom and understanding …

Is race a social construct?

Posted in Race on Oct 15, 2015

The existence of different human races has been a controversial question in the public discourse the last couple of decades. Here we will look at the two main positions and try to understand race in a biological sense. Race as a social con…


Posted in Mythology / Germanic on Sep 07, 2015

The old alphabet in the germanic part of europe consisted of runes. The usage and style has varied over time and place, but they all seem to stem from the runerow commonly called The Elder Futhark. The image above depicts a bracteate found …


Posted on Sep 03, 2015

The existence of human races has become an infected topic the last decades. To even talk about race as something other than a "social construct" might get you shunned from the public sphere. This has little to do with the reality of race ho…