The Germanic Faith

Posted in Tradition / Mythology on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 by Joel Höglund


The germanic faith was fully alive in the northern Europe well, into the last millennia. Although eventually replaced by Christianity, still many myths of our ancestors have been passed down to us. Through these myths we can learn not only how they lived and looked at themselves, but also who we are today, and perhaps what we have forgotten.

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Which eye did Odin sacrifice?

Posted on Nov 01, 2015

From Gylfagynning and other sources we know that Odin scarified an eye into the well of Mímir in order to take part of its knowledge. But under that root which turns toward the Rime-Giants is Mímir's Well, wherein wisdom and understanding …


Posted on Sep 07, 2015

The old alphabet in the germanic part of europe consisted of runes. The usage and style has varied over time and place, but they all seem to stem from the runerow commonly called The Elder Futhark. The image above depicts a bracteate found …

The Old Norse Calender

Posted on Sep 01, 2015

According to Snorri, chapter 62 in his Skaldskaparmal: these are the names of the months: Old norse nameMeaningModern name þorri Dry January Gói Snow February Einmánuðr Juniper month March Gaukmánuðr ok sáðt…