World population by ethnicity and race

Posted in Tradition / Race / Data on Thursday, January 21, 2016 by Joel Höglund

Alright! This is a small project I've been working on this week. It is an interactive chart showing the global statistics on ethnicities of all countries.  While I'm still not completely satisfied with it, I decide to upload it now, mostly due to a bet I made with a friend. =)

This page uses crossfilter.js, d3.js and dc.js to draw these charts and connect them with each other. If you want to see statistics on only one or more countries, ethnicities or races you only need to click on them and the other charts will update accordingly. The ethnicity wheel shows all the reported ethnicities, but as there were as many as 369 it's obviously a little too crowded. If anyone has an idea how to present this in a better fashion I'd be thrilled to hear it. Still I've kept it, as it can be used to see the ethnicities of a specific country (click on the world map).

I used the data from the CIA World Factbook: Click here for: ethnicity & population figures.
Some countries did not report any figures on ethnicity as they do not measure this (Sweden for example). In such cases I have used citizenship instead. I will provide info on which countries this applies to and these sources also, as soon as I get the data-table working as I want it. In some countries respondents could name more than one ethnicity, leading to a total percentage above 100%. Although it's not a perfect method, I decided to simply normalize these figures so that the total was exactly 100%.

Other things to keep in mind is that in most cases we are dealing with self-reported ethnicities and that most countries use different categories. For example, the ethnicity English is here found only in Canada and Australia, but not in Great Britain, because there they were counted as White instead.

Last thing is that the racial categorization was made by yours truly and it is kinda rough. There are some ethnicities that fall somewhat between two major races and could be argued to belong to either one. I have made my best to make a fair judgement, but there will surely be those who disagree. Anyway, use it for what it is!

Population by race

Population by ethnicity

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