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This section is all about the future, our challenges and our aims.

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Posted in Our cause on Sep 04, 2016

The topic of morality is a subject which really lacks any complete and clearcut answers. Even so, it is a discussion that we need to have. Although there are few who will agree totally on what is considered morally good and what is not, mo…


Posted in Society on Sep 02, 2016

Somehow the incredible experience that is the human life has been forced to serve the interest of the economy, instead of the other way around. Now there have unarguably been some incredible developments under the capitalist system. But eve…


Posted in Faith on Aug 20, 2016

 In his "Origins of Christianity", Revilo P. Oliver suggests that religion has mainly served a social function, with three distinct purposes: Political bond Sanction for social morality Consolation for individuals All these three fu…


Posted on Aug 18, 2016

When it all comes down to it, our existence on earth is largely a question of faith. Do we have faith in ourselves and our children's future? Is there a meaning to our lives and to theirs? Contrary to other animals here on earth, man alone…


Posted in Crisis on Jul 15, 2016

In the wake of the latest terrorist attack on European soil, I thought it was high time to devote some lines to Islam and its followers. Many nationalists, especially moderate ones, focus their criticism on Islam as a violent religion but …

Making white countries white again

Posted in Our cause / Aims on May 18, 2016

I've received some questions on the policy of deportation outlined in Our Aims. While most agree that restoring a homogeneous white population is preferable, talks of deportation appears to make many a bit queasy. And I can understand that.…

New World Order

Posted in Crisis on Jan 11, 2016

All right, time for a pop quiz! What is the New World Order really? Is it: A) A secret society of the rich and powerful,B) Jewish supremacists willing to sacrifice everyone else to fulfil some Talmudic prophecy,C) The controlling idea of o…

Our aims

Posted in Our cause on Jan 06, 2016

I thought it was high time to list some of the aims that we here at Aryan Wisdom are working towards. Although there are other and perhaps just as important goals of our journey, we believe these are the most acute in our current situation.…


Posted on Sep 03, 2015

What kind of society do we want to live in? How can we arrange nations, communities and politics to help us reach new heights? What laws do we need, if any? As always, there are no absolute answers to these questions, but through honest di…

Our cause

Posted on Sep 02, 2015

Is there a meaning to our lives? What are, or should be, our highest values? What do we strive for? As the photo might reveal, this section is to a large degree inspired by Dr. William Luther Pierce, founder of the National Alliance and th…