Posted in Vision / Crisis on Friday, July 15, 2016 by Joel Höglund

In the wake of the latest terrorist attack on European soil, I thought it was high time to devote some lines to Islam and its followers.

Many nationalists, especially moderate ones, focus their criticism on Islam as a violent religion but seem to  have little to say on many of the other issues troubling us. As the death count of Islamic terrorism keeps rising, one can't deny that there is something to it, but sometimes the discussion can get a little blind-sided.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are many issues with Islam in Europe, but behind this crescent moon hides at the very least both a personal belief system and a political ideology. In order to better understand it, some degree of separation can be useful.

Islam as a belief system

A common objection from liberals and Muslims alike is that there is nothing in the Quran or the Muslim faith that is prone to violence, at least not more than any other religion. To some degree that is obviously correct. It would be foolish to argue that the majority of Muslims are more violent than others, at least simply due to their faith. Of course, they usually fail to continue that line of thought and look at the very real and significant portion of Muslims that do commit acts of war and terror. Although still a minority, they are obviously more numerous than the terrorists of any other religion.

I don't suggest to know much of the Quran, but surely the process of Jihad is not only a mental or spiritual exercise, but also practiced in the physical realm, and thus in effect a more or less violent path.  Even so, I'm not sure if that is to its disadvantage. The warrior's way is not something to be shunned, and most likely something that the men of the west soon enough will have to become all too acquainted with. If our own religions had some more fighting spirit and less of turning the other cheek, it is very much possible that we wouldn't find ourselves in the mess that we are in today.

Anyhow, it is difficult to assess personal beliefs and thus difficult to argue about them. I've seen some promising discussions that turned into people simply throwing the worst quotes from the bible and Quran at each other.

From a more practical point o view, I'd suggest that It doesn't really matter either way what is written or what people believe. What matters are the real consequences of Muslims in Europe that we have experienced all too well. And that is really quite enough, by itself.

Religion of peace

That said, not all Muslim populations are a problem either. As this excellent article on the Daily Stormer points out, there are for example some more or less native Muslim populations in Europe that are not really part of our immigrant problem, and whom to a large degree can be considered racially European.

Islam as a political force

Islam as a political entity however, is an enemy to a free and white Europe. While the pure military force of ISIS and it's allies doesn't seem all too intimidating to us, the real threat lies in the demographics. Should the current immigration wave continue, taking into account the difference in nativity, most of Europe will have a majority Muslim population within our lifetimes. What happens after that will not be pleasant, whatever happens.

At least, that would have been a possible scenario if they could have managed to keep the mass murders on the down-low, at least for another couple of years. But alas, they couldn't resist! Perhaps the anti-white propaganda went to their head, perhaps it is just their nature. Anyhow, the drawbacks of allowing large populations of Muslims into Europe is now all too evident for everyone to see, while the list of benefits seem to been lost in the latest suicide bombing.

All that said, when Europe is once again ruled an inhabited by Europeans, can we live in peace with Muslim nations and Islam overall?

Of course! Though not until that day.

Last updated on Wednesday, July 20, 2016