New World Order

Posted in Vision / Crisis on Monday, January 11, 2016 by Joel Höglund

All right, time for a pop quiz! What is the New World Order really? Is it:

A) A secret society of the rich and powerful,
B) Jewish supremacists willing to sacrifice everyone else to fulfil some Talmudic prophecy,
C) The controlling idea of our time,
D) An ideology, driven on by like-minded yuppies, more or less powerful, desperately trying to fit in with the elite,
or E) A conspiracy theory, propagated beyond all reasonable belief by confused members of the tin foil hat club?

I don't know the answer myself, but I'm sure it's at least one of them. Even more likely it's all of them.

This is also what makes it such a difficult topic to discuss. Are we even ourselves sure what it is we're referring to when we talk about NWO?

I'd like to start with clarifying that any uncertainty of this is no reason not to discuss these questions, rather the opposite. We should twist and turn these questions as much as we can in order to understand it, and even better, to help others understand it. Whatever it's true source is, there is no doubt that our world is heading head-first into the New World Order. There is just as little doubt that this must be diverted by all cost. There is no larger enemy to humanity, perhaps even to the Earth itself.

We aim to add more articles to this section in due time. How can we understand it, how can we fight it, and so on.

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