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Posted in Vision / Our cause on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 by Joel Höglund

I thought it was high time to list some of the aims that we here at Aryan Wisdom are working towards. Although there are other and perhaps just as important goals of our journey, we believe these are the most acute in our current situation. Our first and most important goal is beautifully explained through the well-known "14 words" coined by David Lane:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children

The first priority of any organism is the survival of itself and its progeny. We understand that the life of any individual is limited, and as such we look beyond it. For what are you really, in the great passage of time? You are one unique set of genes from the gene pool of your race. You are a temporary snapshot, a living proof of the complexity and beauty of your race. Although your time is limited, through your race you will live on forever.

As such, our highest priority is, as David Lane explains it, to secure our future existence as a race, not as individuals. Please note that this is not "White Supremacy", if there ever was such a thing. We do not demand anything for ourselves that we are not willing to allow for others. In fact, it is very much possible that we may provide assistance and help to others, but do not let this fool you. Our own plight comes first and you'd better believe that none will fight this war in our own stead. We cannot hope to be saved by some other race or indeed by the goodwill of our enemies.

All nations that were founded on a white majority shall be restored to a white majority

We must realize that the greatest threat today is not outside our borders, but within. It's most obvious manifestation is in the form of immigrants from the third world, coming to reap the benefits of the welfare-state. This threat has two sides, both terrible in their own:

Immigration-related crime, theft, violence, rape and murder is on the rise and foreign gangs de facto occupy our lands. This is how medieval armies acted in their worst, but at least that was only temporary, some day the war ended. If current policies would be allowed to stay in place, the result is nothing else than an occupying army, supported by our governments and assisted by our own police force. They will not stop and they will only become more.

The other side of the coin is better integration or even assimilation. This could, at least in theory, be the solution to the above problem of rising crime. In the long run, however, this is no solution to OUR problems. It would rather be the cure that killed the patient. Remember that our aim is not to only to live peacefully and safe within our borders, but to secure a future for our White children. Social integration inevitably leads to sexual integration. Sexual integration means the end our European gene pool and just as sure as death, it means the end of white children. We must not allow our race to be either out-bred or mongrelized into oblivion. That is a fate that is more dangerous than a full-out war.

The solution is simple:

  1.  Halt immigration of non-white immigrants
  2.  Begin deportation of non-white immigrants

This does not mean that we have to be be unjust or unnecessarily mean. Knowing the kindness of our race and the high value we place in fairness, I believe we could achieve this in the most humane way possible. It is not even imperative that we deport every single person of non-white ancestry either. I myself see no problem with allowing for example adopted or children with only one white parent to stay, at least to the amount that our way of life and our gene pools remain unthreatened. Other examples might be individuals of other races that have proven loyal to our cause. In any case, there is not much point in arguing the finer points at this stage. As long as we remember the overall aim, there is no reason that these policies should be implemented without some mutual respect.

Sadly, as a race we are today unable to perform these actions, even if necessary. Thus, before any of this is possible, one major goal must first be achieved:

We must retake control of our nations

This goal includes setting up a decent military force, but much more it means to take control of our governments. There are today very few white nations that work for the common interest of their people. Russia is likely one, Hungary is another. Except for these few rays of hope, we are slaves to a system set up to slowly kill us. Our leaders have betrayed us. If it is due to self-interest, ideology or stupidity doesn't really matter at this point. We need first and foremost to reinstate leaders loyal to our race, then we can deal with any eventual punishments.

Finally, there is one goal that must be achieved before any of this can happen:

We must restore our spirit

We must understand that we are not solely individuals in time and space, born into some random family, but part of a chain stretching tens of thousands years back to the steppes of Russia, ancient forests of Europe and waves of the Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean. It is a duty to all of us living now, to ensure that this chain continues unbroken and untainted into the future, to return to our rightful path: to guard the Earth, to explore the galaxy, and finally become Gods.

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