Making white countries white again

Posted in Vision / Our cause / Aims on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 by Joel Höglund

I've received some questions on the policy of deportation outlined in Our Aims. While most agree that restoring a homogeneous white population is preferable, talks of deportation appears to make many a bit queasy. And I can understand that. But let's look at it from a simply rational perspective. If we agree that on racial grounds future immigration to our countries is detrimental, what makes the previous immigration principally different?

Nothing of course!

In the long run only the demographics matter. Regardless if this immigration was legal or illegal, we believe that this immigration has been wrong and unjust. We were never asked, not in America, not in Europe, not in Australia. Because if we had been, the answer would obviously have been a resounding NO!

It is obviously a crime against us, but in many ways it is a also crime against the immigrants too. Sure, they might gain a higher living standard and a more secure life, but in the process they lose their roots and their own nations. Perhaps life is easier here for them, but aren't there higher goals than individual happiness? What about the fellow countrymen they leave behind?

Even so, we shouldn't kid ourselves, we're not proposing deportation for their sake - in fact not even for our own - but for the continued existence of white children in coming generations!

Still, perhaps I should re-frame myself in the mentioned article, since deportation is not in itself an aim, but a method. I just finished the fantastic book Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country by Greg Johnson. He has an incredible way of formulating these somewhat difficult questions in very simple terms. The aim is of course, as the title suggests, to restore white countries. As I outlined in Our Aims, I believe we should aim at restoring all countries founded on by whites to a white majority population. Although most likely this will not be possible in all cases. South Africa and late Rhodesia for example are perhaps lost causes, but they may at least serve as warning to us.

Of course, we're not arguing for deportation of the native populations. They have every right to live in their homelands, anything else would simply be wrong. Looking at it soberly, their demographics are not a threat to our race neither in America, Oceania, nor Europe. As a principle we believe ethno-states are preferable, but either way it is not really an issue, at least not in comparison to the current mass-immigration.

The black population in America is also a separate issue from the immigration problem, although obviously related to the discussion. This is also something Greg Johnson talks about in his book, that on average blacks and whites are very different. They are predisposed to live very differently, and they create very different societies. Separation is absolutely warranted, and it would be entirely possible to create an all-black state in North America.

Employing a racially realistic view however, I must say I don't believe that such a state would be able to sustain a living standard comparable to the white states, and the consequence for the neighboring states would likely be major looting and plundering. Thus I believe that it would be better in the long run to repatriate the black population to Africa, but again with all the economic support necessary for them to be able to start new lives there.

Even so, that is too a very minor problem compared to the recent mass-immigration of non-whites. It must be stopped. There is no other way. Those who are already here, legally or illegally, they have to go back. That must be our aim.

Donald Trump: You have to go back

All this can be achieved, I believe, with very little violence. All it really takes is that we as whites say loud and in unison that these are our countries, and we will decide their fate, now and forever.

Last updated on Wednesday, November 23, 2016